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Who are we?

Trustee specialist of the « single operating » residences: Tourism Residences, Services Residences, Corporate Residences, Residential Hotels, Students Residences, Seniors Residences.

Our mission

The tourism residences’ managers, of the services residences, of the corporate residences, of the students’ residences have their own management method.

Our expertise and our trustee experience allow us to adapt everyone’s needs and expectations.

Through our clear and pragmatic mission, we propose to uphold the disposals of the condominium rules in safeguarding the requirement for management and single project manager respecting of everyone’s rights.

Our strengths


Solve your problems

In front of several difficulties, the part owners make precise requests such as: uphold the condominium rules, assert and apply their rights, safeguarding their properties, limit and keep charges under control…disorders, defects… How to act? With our own field experience we are able to explain everyone how activate / launch an action rather than another.

Our history

At first, Gilles Semavoine was employed during 15 years with the responsibility of 3 agencies. Then, he created a first office of trustee and management of public property for classical residences as well as for tourism residences, corporate residences and services ones too. The customers’ expectations, the management and the organization being different, he decided to create a specialized office only dedicated to the residences with a single holding. 2005 is the year of reflection. CGS (Cabinet de Gestion et de Syndic/Spécialisé) was born in 2007. It is a general organization exclusively oriented toward the tourism residences, corporate residences and services ones…

Our principal specificities


Arbitration / Optimizing the management

Arbitration / Optimizing the management for apportioning service charges


Debt collection

Collect the charges outstanding by the co-owners without exacerbating the situation of the debtor.


represent your interests

Represent the co-owners’ interests, the managers’ interests and the project developers’ interests by the insurance companies.


Manage the legal aspects

Insure formally the legal and specific aspects concerning the management of the residence by the single project manager.


Manage the claims

Collect claim payments to benefit the syndicates as well as to benefit specifically the managers too.


How to represent ?

According to regulatory requirements and within the limit who can represent a co-owner during the general meetings?


A dynamic team is at your disposal that groups all skills of our business. It is essential for your asset management.


In order to manage at best your condominium we aim to offer one competent person in each field.


Co-ownership Management

Accounting Department

Recovery department

Secretarial department

Our additionnal services

Come discover our services that include all elements concerning the trustee management.

The thorough inventory of the file that has been entrusted.
The permanent access via internet of all the important documents concerning the syndicate.
The information and the easy consultation of the union council.
The safe payment by credit card.

A qualified and experienced team for :

  • The dynamic management of your property
  • The Emergency management
  • The customized management when you need it.
  • The optimization of the field management
  • The protection of the syndicates therefore the protection of all coowners.


Flat-rate fee

The flat-rate fee requested by our office including all routine managements defined in our mission is net of costs except postage and stamping costs. Our fee is annually indexed to the INSEE cost of construction index and this at the contract anniversary date.

Writing fees

The writing fees of the statement will be billed to the seller 200.00 € within the framework of transfers.


The tenders and comparative studies of the quotes as well as the orders or the monitoring of the great maintenance works (*) will be specifically invoiced by the trustee 2 % that is 2.40 % (taxes included) of the works entrusted to a project manager. It is specified the CGS Office is not entitled to insure the mission of project manager. (*) being decided in general meeting on the principle and the cost, as well as the cost sharing and the due date. The insurance companies to be contacted must be defined as well as the trustee fees. This case is applicable for an amount exceeding 20 000 €

No commission

The trustee cannot receive or grant any commission for markets, contracts and works that it signs and controls.

Independence / No legal link

Our office is totally independent. It hasn’t any legal link with the suppliers, operators and/or project managers.

No investments

The funds held on behalf of our customers (constituents) are not re-invested.

The Map

The office CGS in France: our places of work. We have action moving all over France

Zone de couverture CGS

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